About Us

About Us

We specialize in selling public domain material.

This includes:

Classic cliffhanger serials - the staple of Saturday morning cinema from years gone by

Classic films - many of which you may have never heard of (or perhaps wondered where they had dissappeared to)

Classic cartoons - Superman, Popeye, Betty Boop and more

Classic TV shows - ever wondered where the TV shows you remembered as a child had dissapeared to? You may find them here.


We have been selling classic cliffhanger serials on eBay, eBid, CQOut and elsewhere for many years.

In fact, it is highly likely that you found our website through a purchase from one of these sites.


All our DVDs are Region Free. This means that they should work anywhere in the world and are not restricted to specific regions (eg Region 1: USA, Region 2: Europe, etc). However, please note that we are UK based and all our DVDs are PAL format - designed for use in the UK. This does not mean that they will not play elsewhere (eg USA). Most modern DVD players can play PAL (UK) or NTSC (USA) without a problem. However, you will need to ensure your DVD player can play PAL discs.